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Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti Bridge

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Prince wrote all of the songs to this soundtrack and performs over half of them! Includes Can't Stop this Feeling I Got; New Power Generation; Elephants and Flowers in addition to Release It, Love Machine the Time; We Can Funk with George Clinton; Melody Cool with Mavis Staples and many more!


Can't Stop This Feeling I Got 4:24
New Power Generation 3:39
Release It 3:54
The Question Of U 3:59
Elephants & Flowers 3:54
Round And Round 3:55
We Can Funk 5:28
Joy In Repetition 4:53
Love Machine 3:34
Tick, Tick, Bang 3:31
Shake! 4:01
Thieves In The Temple 3:19
The Latest Fashion 4:02
Melody Cool 3:39
Still Would Stand All Time 5:23
Graffiti Bridge 3:51
New Power Generation (Pt. II) 2:57

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