The Glory of Alberta Hunter

The Glory of Alberta Hunter

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It's a given that octogenarians like Sam Chatmon, Eubie Blake, even George Burns have more vitality than just about any singing war baby you care to name--they prove that by breathing. But life-begins-at-eighty isn't really Hunter's secret, except insofar as it deepens her wisdom, which isn't a given at all. It's not like Bessie Smith raising her voice among us, because Hunter is less titanic. But she spins her blues and gospel and pop with the spontaneous affection not just of somebody who never knew there was a difference between art and entertainment but of somebody who had the heart to leave show business and work as a nurse for twenty-three years. Her raunch ("You Can't Tell the Difference After Dark") is as unforced as her love of God ("Ezekiel Saw the Wheel") and her female indomitability ("I've Had Enough"), and her band plays even better than she sings.

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Ezekiel Saw The Wheel 2:44
I've Had Enough (Alberta's Blues) 4:10
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 3:09
Some Of These Days 3:08
The Glory Of Love 3:23
You Can't Tell The Difference After Dark 3:36
I Love You Too Much Too Much/Ich Hob Dich Tzufil Lieb 4:23
I Cried For You 3:54
The Love I Have For You 3:50
Sometimes I'm Happy 2:45
Give Me That Old Time Religion 3:10

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